Monaco Rare Coins is a trusted leader in the rare coin collecting and precious metals investment world. We offer a unique, vast and impressive array of resources for investors and collectors alike.

At Monaco, you’ll find the finest rare coins available, an experienced and knowledgeable staff of professionals ready and willing to serve your needs, and a broad range of programs and products to fit most any budget.

Through Monaco you have immediate access to our inventory of a wide range of investment-grade coins, valued in excess of $10,000,000.

You can rely on Monaco’s dedication to a two-way buy-and-sell market for rare coins and precious metals products. We are actively involved in all aspects of the rare coin trade, the wholesale market, the collector market, the international market and auctions.

With this expertise and experience, as well as our access to the most intriguing rare coins available, Monaco Rare Coins is uniquely suited to helping you find the best rare coin value the market has to offer.

Monaco Office

Why you should deal with an expert in building your rare coin portfolio

First and foremost, dealing with a rare coin expert makes sense. As a collector or investor, you should strive to have every advantage available to you in order to achieve your goals.

Rare coin experts such as Monaco Rare Coins can show you opportunities available in the rare coin marketplace today…opportunities that are often unknown or simply unavailable to less-established dealers. In addition, a rare coin expert like Monaco can help you guard against possible market pitfalls, situations a less-experienced dealer simply may not have experienced or be aware of.

Monaco Rare Coins offers a unique blend of expertise, experience and financial muscle few rare coin companies can match. We have access to a worldwide network of resources that keep us in constant touch with rare coin market trends and developments.

Monaco staff and advisors are members of the Professional Numismatic Guild…the American Numismatic Association…Professional Coin Grading Service…Numismatic Guarantee Corporation of America…The National Silver Dollar Round Table…Numismatic Literary Guild…and numerous other numismatic trade organizations.

Resources and contacts like these enable an expert like Monaco Rare Coins to help you locate the best, highest-quality rare coins available at the best prices, thereby maximizing your rare coin acquisition dollars. In addition, because we are in touch with the needs of the marketplace, and in constant contact with dealers across the country and around the world, we can often secure the highest possible prices for your rare coins, should you want to sell or trade them.

Not just anyone can help you build a world class rare coin portfolio, and do so cost-effectively. It takes a dealer with vast resources, broad-based experience and an unending commitment to providing the utmost in service to the customer. It takes an expert…like Monaco Rare Coins.

Online…or full service?

Trading coins online, without the assistance of a live, dedicated person like your own personal Monaco Account Representative, can be problematic, unreliable and in some cases expensive, especially in cases where you don’t get what you think you bargained for.

Monaco stands behind its market information, quality, selection and service. Ask us for a free trial subscription to The Rare Coin Insider for valuable insights into the market. Also, your Monaco Account Representative can keep you up-to-date on breaking news and opportunities in the rare coin market. We heartily believe that “Full Service Coin Trading” offers rare coin collectors and investors the best prices and best service, making it an easy decision to contact Monaco Rare Coins.

We invite you to call us for a no-cost, no-obligation “get-acquainted” chat today. If you’re interested in starting a rare coin portfolio, or adding to an existing collection, you’ll be glad you did.