It is not great secret that there are many great coins in the marketplace, but not all represent the best value in coins for sale.  Monaco has selected a few examples that we feel best represent great values in the market today, and that would make sense as great acquisitions for a wide range of investors and collectors.  AND, certainly, if finding the best values in rare coins is your priority, keep in touch with your Monaco Account Representative for greater access to superior opportunities.

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You see, Monaco searches out to find certain coins of superior quality and eye appeal, that compared to market prices and other factors, represent great values in the marketplace today.  These are the best valued coins for sale and the ones any collector should strongly consider.  The coins featured here have exceptional technical merit, eye-appeal and collectability.  Some are selected that are superb historically-significant rarities, being carefully selected from our huge inventory of classic U.S. coins.  However, some may simply represent some of the best and most promising values available in the growing internationally-traded numismatic marketplace.

Monaco takes great pride in its careful rare coin acquisition policy to hold to its highest standards.  Our significant purchasing power blended with our impeccable selection process, allows us to acquire the finest specimens available at the lowest prices possible.  Along with that, you have the ease and comfort of speaking with your personable coin acquisition account representative that can be a great asset to assist you in your particular objectives.

For today’s top coin values, shop the following selections.