America’s Lost Treasure

by Tommy Thompson

The pictorial account of the disastrous loss and historic recovery of the SS Central America, America’s Lost Treasure, is a beautiful and captivating coffee-table book depicting the tragic voyage and exciting discovery of the ill-fated SS Central America. Written by Tommy Thompson, America’s Lost Treasure uses more than 250 impressive photographs and illustrations to help tell the amazing “Ship of Gold” story.  Sadly, 425 men were lost in the hurricane that claimed the steamship in September, 1857.  With the ship, a treasure trove of gold ingots, nuggets, dust and coins of monumental proportions was lost.  In fact, it was so great of loss that it contributed to the first major Wall Street financial and banking recession in America, known as the panic of 1857.  The pioneering triumph of Tommy Thompson and the recovery team was an historic event that can be understood and appreciated through the keenly photographed and documented excavation of the deep-sea wreck.  The book is an astounding, inspiring and beautifully documented portrait of technological ingenuity put to work recovering the important American history of the California gold rush era for generations to come.

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An Insider’s Guide to Collecting Type I Double Eagles

By Douglas Winter and Adam Crum

Monaco Rare Coins is the nation’s leader in Type-I Double Eagles because we have researched, acquired and specialized in this historically-significant series for many, many years.  Adam Crum wrote “THE BOOK” on this legendary coin type, An Insider’s Guide to Collecting Type-I Double Eagles.  Widely acclaimed throughout the rare coin industry, Adam’s Insider’s Guide is considered a “must-have” resource for the serious $20 gold piece collector.  This guide-book to the exciting Type-I series is the culmination of years of experience of buying, selling and trading these popular gold coins since Adam’s beginnings with the series in the 1980s. In fact, Adam’s first published article, entitled “$20 Liberties to Buy Now: Type I Double Eagles,” appeared in the August 1991 issue of U.S. Rare Coin News and was the result of a market study which convinced him that date-collecting of these early $20 gold coins was seeing a dramatic rise in popularity.  Focusing on the ever-popular New Orleans “O” branch mint mini-series (1850-1861) or the historical San Francisco issues (1854-1866) are different ways to get started in this spectacular series.  This book has special contributions by Bob Evans, curator of the treasure coins recovered from the SS Central America, because of the great number of Type 1 Double Eagles recovered from the “Ship of Gold” shipwreck.  This book provides a thoroughly researched collectors guide, which was needed to help numismatists understand and enjoy the amazing treasure discovery.  This award-winning “how-to” book on acquiring America’s first $20 gold coins is filled with historical intrigue and a year-by-year mint issue analysis.  It is a “must-have” for collectors and investors.

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Lost Gold of the Republic Book

by Priit J. Vesilind

This book tells of a remarkable ship and the equally fascinating story of the search for it by Greg Stemm and John Morris, two modern pioneers of shipwreck exploration. In the tradition of Ship of Gold and Shadow Divers, former National Geographic Editor Priit J. Vesilind has recreated the life and times of the fascinating SS Republic – used by both the Union and Confederacy during the Civil War –  and Stemm’s and Morris’ arduous modern-day hunt for the dual-wheeled steamer that was downed by a violent hurricane in 1865.  Stemm and Morris, founders of Odyssey Marine Exploration, were driven by reports that the steamship’s cargo, bound for New Orleans after the Civil War, included $400,000 in gold and silver coins.  They knew the coins from the mid-1800s, if found, would be of heart-stopping value to today’s collectors. In the thrilling discovery of the ship in 2003 by Odyssey Marine Exploration, the adventuresome partners found the fulfillment of their long-time dream: thousands of glittering coins strewn across the ocean floor.  More than 51,000 coins have been recovered, creating tremendous excitement for collectors around the world.  The total collection is valued at over $75 million – one of the most valuable collections of U.S. gold and silver coins ever found in a shipwreck. The rarest single coin brought to the surface is valued at more than half a million dollars.  Now the fabulous tale of this Civil War-era shipwreck, hidden for 138 years on the ocean floor, is told for the first time in book form – in a thrilling nautical yarn of immense risk and even greater rewards.

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SS Republic 1853-1865 - DVD

by Odyssey Marine Exploration

The SS Republic left New York on October 18, 1865, bound for New Orleans.  According to her captain, she was carrying passengers and a cargo of $400,000 in coins, mostly in gold $10 and $20 pieces, intended for use as hard currency after the Civil War.  The city of New Orleans, captured largely intact by the Union in 1862, had been the southern hub of Federal war efforts and was a thriving, busy city – but due to war, “hard money” (or gold and silver coins) was in very short supply.  On the fifth day of her voyage, a hurricane off the coast of Georgia proved too strong for the ship.  By evening, her hull was leaking so badly that the fire in the boiler was extinguished and she stalled in heavy seas, taking on water faster than her crew and passengers could bail her.  At 4 pm on October 25, 1865, she sank.  The passengers and crew escaped in four lifeboats and a makeshift raft, but 40-foot seas throughout the night made keeping them afloat a serious challenge.  It was not until two days later, on October 27th, that the survivors, now desperate with thirst, were found by the sailing ship Horace Beals.  On October 29th, the steamer General Hooker had been sent to look for the Republic and rendezvoused with Horace Beals.  Most of the passengers and crew survived, although several were lost on the raft before they could be rescued.  All the precious coins were lost.  In August 2003, the wreck of the Republic was located.  She was found about 100 miles southeast of Savannah, Georgia in about 1,700 feet of water.  A salvage effort recovered about one-third of the rare 19th century gold and silver coins carried aboard, worth an estimated $75 million.  Most of the hull of the ship was now gone, but the rudder, parts of the paddle wheel and the steam engine were still present.  The search and recovery effort was depicted in a National Geographic Society TV documentary, Civil War Gold.  Many of the artifacts from the 14,000 items discovered at the shipwreck site, plus many of the silver coins from the 51,000 coins recovered, are now on display in selected museums.

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Bottles From the Deep

by Ellen C. Gerth

Dive into this fascinating collection of Civil War-era bottles recovered from the SS Republic shipwreck!  This book is filled with an array of beautiful photographs paired with compelling historical descriptions of the many varieties of bottles recovered from the Republic shipwreck.  More than 6,000 bottles, representing more than 175 different types, were archaeologically recovered 1,700 feet deep in the Atlantic Ocean.  The Republic was destined for New Orleans to replenish merchant’s shelves just a few months after the end of the Civil War, and the recovered bottles represent a unique time capsule of 19th-century life.  The stories of these incredible bottles speak to a time when virtually anything could be bottled, advertised and sold . . . many by manufacturers who clearly swindled the public with outrageous claims, and who got around prohibition laws by promoting high-alcohol content as medicinal. The amazing range of the containers and their often unusual contents – from bear-grease pomades to French perfumes, from hot-pepper sauces to beer and wine, from century-old peaches to quack medicines of all sorts – all convey a delightful and often quirky glimpse of a long-gone era.  As the photos demonstrate, each bottle is a work of art in itself.  Categories in Bottles from the Deep include patent medicines, bitters, wine, beer, spirits, food bottles, hair products and beauty aids, and ink bottles.  The author is Ellen C. Gerth, Curator of Collections for Odyssey Marine Exploration.  Her previous experiences include research and writing for the Smithsonian Institution, the National Geographic Society and Time-Life Books.

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100 Greatest U.S. Coins

by Jeff Garrett

This beautiful coffee table quality reference book contains sensational pictures and detailed information on the greatest of the greatest U.S.-minted coins as voted on by an esteemed panel of numismatists and market-makers.  Besides information on the history, popularity, quality and rarity of each of the 100 coins, actual or estimated prices over the decades is included.  This outstanding rating book is without peer and makes for an important tool to any serious coin collector.  Inside the reader will find prized and seldom-seen rarities . . . the unique and high-valued pieces that collectors typically can only dream about, such as the 1913 Liberty Head nickel and the 1804 dollar.  The book also explores more readily available and widely popular coins that are pieces so beautiful or with such strange and fascinating stories that nearly everybody seeks them out.  100 Greatest U.S. Coins is not just a fancy picture book, it is a time machine that takes the reader to a hundred different points in American history, and can be a fascinating introduction to the hobby of collecting U.S. coins.

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Ship of Gold – DVD

History’s Mysteries, The History Channel

Editorial Review:  While returning from California in 1857, the steamship SS Central America vanished in a devastating storm off the North Carolina coast.  400 lives and nearly 21 tons of gold bullion were lost.  130 years later, a daring team of high-tech treasure hunters found much of the precious cargo.  SHIP OF GOLD tells the dramatic story with the help of extensive footage filmed during the recovery and fascinating interviews with the engineers, historians and salvage experts who brought the treasures to the surface.  The program also explores the tragic story of the Central America’s sinking, the worst peacetime sea disaster in American history.  Rare period documents and images, along with the testimony of descendants of the unfortunate victims, charts the course of the doomed ship from her harbor in Gold Rush California to her final resting place beneath the Atlantic waves.  Nature’s fury, man’s ingenuity and a saga spread over two centuries make the SHIP OF GOLD a captivating high seas drama.

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