United States Silver Coinage has been the working coinage of our great country for almost 225 years. Many collectors like to Buy Fractional Silver Coinage because of the very wide selection of types and rewarding series. Silver coins have always held a special place in the American psyche; each of our fractional silver coins is like a “time capsule” telling a story of our country through its unique design.

From the 50 cent piece workhorse of American coinage, to the common 25 cent quarter and 10 cent dime, to the rare 20 cent piece and 3 cent silver, all of these coins are both symbolic and collectible, embodying the growth of our country’s economic power and influence in the 19th and early 20th centuries.

Buying rare silver fractional coins for collecting and investment purposes has been a popular pastime for over 200 years. Collectors place a high value in their rarity, popularity and historical significance, which can be attributed to each one of these rare numismatic coins.

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