There are many great reasons to get involved with rare coin collecting and investing. Certain areas of the numismatic market are better suited for different people with divergent priorities. Selecting the best coins for your particular situation  is important. Monaco highly recommends that you consult a Monaco Account Representative to gain a better appreciation for the wide realm of possibilities within this fascinating and rewarding class of hard asset ownership. Years from now, your rare coin portfolio just may be, like in so many instances that we experience, a truly great part of your family legacy. The segments of the market that most intrigues you, and what your future needs and interests will become, are critical.  While some collectibles are just plain enjoyable, there are select numismatic rarities that suggest exceptional and dynamic long term appreciation potential. For a general understanding of why you should purchase particular issues or segments as part of your numismatic acquisition strategy, Monaco believes the following information will be of great interest to you: